3ml Pipettes


Polyethylene material made, chemically Inert and non-toxic, can be heat-sealed to transport or store
Perfect for transferring essential oils when making oil blends, soaps, lotions and more
Also Suitable for all kinds of testing laboratories, chemistry, microbiology, e-liquids, oils, fragrances, and more
So many uses for these droppers! Very convenient way of transferring small amounts of liquids!

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  • Suitable for use in the production of home cosmetics, and soap making. Use plastic transfer pipettes for scientific experiments, modeling, and making watercolors. Ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals, school classrooms, home cosmetic experiments, and feeding small pets.


  • Easy to use. These soft, flexible plastic transfer pipettes save you time when mixing cross-contamination. You can use these droppers to mix essential oils. They work well with different types of oil, including thick ones.


  • They are easy to clean with dishwashing detergents. And they can be reused.


  • The droplets coming out of the pipette are the same size. The outer straw is engraved with a scale that can be absorbed in an appropriate amount—plastic transfer pipettes volume 3 ml.


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