Alpha Olefin Sulfonate Powder 1lb


Commodity Name : Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulfonate 92% (AOS Powder)

Structural formula: RCH(OH)(CH2)nSO3Na
CAS No. : 68439-57-6

Alpha olefin sulfonate powder can be used in variety of applications due to its excellent viscosity, hard water stability, detergency, foam characteristics, and pH stability over a broad pH range.

AOS olefin sulfonate is used in a variety of household and personal care soaps and detergents. It exhibits several beneficial attributes that make it a popular active ingredient.


Stable over a wide pH range
Rapidly biodegradable
Cold water soluble
Hard water compatible
Mild on skin
Good foaming agent
Compatible with other surfactants
Can be used for sulfate-free products


AOS has excellent wetting property,detergency,foaming ability and stability,and emulsifying
power.It also has excellent calcium soap dispersibility,hard water Resisitency.

Good solvency and compatibility with other surfactant, rich and fine foam,easy rinse, fastly
100% biodegradation, low toxicity and low irritation to skin

1 – 3 % Usage rate

Dissolve first in water then add additional surfactants, preservative and additives after

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