Lye (1 lb)


Llye Sodium Hydroxide – NaOH

This is an essential ingredient for handmade cold process soap.

Ours comes in pearl form so it’s easy to measure and add to your recipe.

Ingredients (Common Name): Sodium Hydroxide

Ingredients (INCI Name): Sodium Hydroxide

Shelf Life: 1 year

Recommended for Cold Process: yes

Recommended for Melt and Pour: no

Recommended for Bath Bombs: no

Material: Each container of lye is 16 oz. by weight


Usage Instructions: Lye can be dangerous if it’s not handled properly. Learn how to work with it safely before getting started.

Find out how much to use in your recipe with the Lye Calculator. With safety gear on, gloves, goggles, long sleeves, carefully measure the lye into a glass container.

Measure distilled water or other liquid into a separate container.

Slowly pour the lye into the liquid, never the other way around, and stir until it’s dissolved.

Let cool and then pour into oils.

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