Mineral Oil


Mineral oil is a clear, odorless liquid and a common ingredient in a variety of cosmetics and personal care products. Mineral oil is made from highly refined, purified and processed petroleum.

Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Mineral oil is a highly purified, lightweight ingredient used in baby lotions, cold creams, ointments, and many other cosmetic and personal care products, due to its ability to help reduce water loss from skin and keep it moisturized.

The highly refined, purified mineral oil found in cosmetic and skincare products is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores. Because it also is an inert, stable compound, mineral oil is an ingredient in products for use on sensitive skin, because of its relatively low likelihood of causing a skin reaction, or of spoiling in hot, humid climates.

Mineral oil has applications in the manufacture of some basic food pantry staples – it is used as a binding agent or lubricant in the manufacture of yeast for example, and can be applied to grains like wheat, rice, oats, and barley to help keep dust from adhering to the product. Mineral oil is also an ingredient in some types of gummy candies, like Swedish fish, because it can help keep sweets from sticking together.

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