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Yoni Oil

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MOISTURIZING & SOOTHING: The hydrating benefits of our essential oil blend coupled with the omega-6 fatty acids found in carrier Oil blend help keep your skin and private moisturized and hydrated throughout the day while helping reduce the effects of irritation and flaky skin.

FEEL & SMELL FRESH: Our feminine care essential oil blend is gentle on your skin and leave behind a pleasant aroma while promoting soft skin. Simply apply 1-2 drops daily after bath and shower to maintain a moisturized and fresh smelling yoni.

SMOOTHER & SOFTER SKIN: Peppermint essential oil helps promote a cooling sensation while lavender essential oil moisturizes dry skin. Daily use can help reduce the effects of sagging skin on your privates to keep your yoni feeling just as good as it smells.

ORGANIC & PERFECT FOR ALL SENSITIVE: Unlike the rest, our yoni care oil is made using only a blend of well-known essential oils without relying on any harsh chemicals, artificial ingredients, fragrances, additives, preservatives, fillers and more so that its safe to use for all skin types
Yoni Oil | Keep Your Yoni Moisturized, Smelling Fresh & Feeling Soft With our Yoni Essence Feminine Care Oil!

Yoni Essence Feminine Care Oil, Hydrating and Moisturizing Essential Oil Blend, Calendula, Virgin Coconut Oil, Proprietary Carrier Oil Blend, Herb Blend & Rose Petals

Does NOT Include:

Palm Oil, Chemicals, Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, Propylene glycol, Dyes, Fragrances, Perfumes and Never Tested on Animals.


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